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Hi. First of all, i put this in Steam. I don't know if the creator (Sirhaian) will read it there, and i wanna make sure that at least I try it to him to read it. I'd love to. And sry for bad spelling, grammar or whatever. Im still learning english. i hope y'all can understand. (this first thing wasnt in steam. and in the middle-last part im getting emotional. sry about that. now, lets read it (if u want)):

Please, play it.

At the first arc, it can seem scary and horroful. And it is. But in the second and the third arc, its beautiful. Its awesome. I love this game with all my sould, and I hope this gets to the creator. If you are reading this, really good job, man. This game is awesome and deserves to be known around the world. Even though it is known right now.

If you are thinking about playing it, do it. It's freaking awesome. It talks about depression, anxiety, and a lot of more mental things that people doesn't talk. Of course, I do not recommend the people with depression and anxiety to play it alone. In the first part of the acts, the anxiety, I feel extremely annoyed and worried about all of that. It makes me feel bad, it provocates anxiety in me. And though I don't like anxiety, the girl of the light is awesome. It shows you how to manage this anxiety and she saves you in the game. So yeah, play this game. And play it 3 times. Explore it as much as possible. Search easter eggs, read all, explore, experiment... Have fun. Though is scary and it causes anxiety and makes you sad, play it. Have fun. If you are alone, put music. It helps me a lot. Write me in the comments for this.

I know im nobody to say this, to say to y'all to talk to me, do it if u want. i wont judge. talk me as a diary, as a friend, as a confident... i dont care. but if u feel that u need help to pass the game or maybe u feel like the dude in the game. If u are feeling like that, talk to someone. It's difficult, this game is telling that in a very especific way. And it's very good. So, please, if u feel like that, talk to me. Nobody will know of what are u talking to me, im just a random dude. but if u wanna relieve some things that happened to you, here i'm. just type me in the comments something like "i wanna talk" or "send me a friend request" and ill know u wanna talk. ill love to talk to you. ill be waiting. :)

In a nutshell, two things.
1. Sirhaian, thanks for doing this game. Its beautiful and has a lot of meaning. It does matter who created this. you are a very good person, dude. ily (it means i love you).
2. If u wanna talk (about the game, help for the game or if u are feeling bad and u need to talk to someone) im here. just type me.

i hope no one feels like that guy. its very bad. luck and love for all of you, people.


Thank you so much for this comment. It means a lot to me, really. I'm truly blessed by all the players, you brought meaning to this experiment of mine, and I'll never thank you all enough. I wish you the best, and thank you for offering your help to others.

I'm glad that my comment means something to you, it was one of my goals with that. And we'll maybe bring meaning to "When the Darkness comes", but it was truly awesome. All of it. For me, it has a meaning of its own. I wish the best to you too. :)


The game is fantastic, thank you so much for creating it. I would really like to go through all the endings. It is a pity that you have had such feelings in your life. But I hope they didn't leave a deep mark ! We would love to see other products from you in the future! Thank you again for creating the game, it is really good at everything it has, you are the best!)


Thank you so much! ^_^
I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for your words of encouragement. It means a lot. :)


Hello again! You know, it's so great thаt the lаst ending is so encouraging and supportive... With him, I hope more that you let go of bad feelings and memories) 


I've commented a few times already, but are you ever going to make another game? This one was sensational, like absolutely amazing. I think I have played it at least 10 times and played it at least 3 times with friends. 

Do the Android Version of this game, pleaseee!!!

I never played!! :3

Thank you!


4 months it has been. I just happened to be in a call with a friend and I decided to recommend he play this game. He streamed it and I watched his playthrough of it. Once again, it was an emotional rollercoaster for me. It hit me greatly for a second  time and it seems my friend also was impacted by it.  He just finished the game and he too chose the light each time. After both crying towards the end of the  game and processing what happened (again for me) I felt the need to say something for yet another time. I realize I've referred to your creation as a game a lot, but in reality it's more of a lesson put into a simulation.  Though this "game" of yours was not meant to be played, I truly appreciate that you shared your creation and that I was able to play it as well as see someone else be impacted by your amazing simulation. After watching my friend play it, it made me want to play it again for myself. And though I am still curious about what the other ending holds, I do not think I will ever be able to choose the darkness. Thank you, again, for sharing your creation that portrays such an important and valuable lesson. Calling it a lesson may be too strong of a way to describe it though. What it hope. To show that there is still light even when you seem to be drowning in just have to reach for it. And I appreciate and accept such hope because even with all the hardships I have had and will have as well as that others may have, I know that I need to hold on because life has meaning. What that meaning is, is determined by the person you are yourself and what you want to do with the hope you have been given. The complexity and deeper meaning within your simulation has intrigued me so and I believe I will play it over and over, time and time again because the hope you give out through such display will never get old. It is possible that I  may continue reaching out to you just because of how much I have been and will be affected by your "game".  I value and appreciate everything within your simulation. Thank you so very much, truly.

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thank you

I never got a good ending


Wait what do you mean GOOD ENDING

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I got the good ending ^^ lovely game


The game is really good, but I got the bad ending and would like to replay it, I've tried reinstalling it but it doesn't work.

This game was so weird and scary at the same time... I think it messed with my head...

hey man amazing game playing on steam but cant figure out how to replay it once its done. just says goodbye and wont restart. i tried uninstalling it but nothing works

Can't say I understood it but it was one HELL of a ride!

make a mac one plzzzzzzz i rlly wanna play it but its only for windows :(


this game pretty much simulated what happens to me when I have a nervous breakdown, I know you said don't play it if you have depression/anxiety but I did anyway. this game really hit hard and needless to say it was amazing. I literally cried pretty much the entire time and I really did learn something about my thought process. this game probably saved my life and I know that's overdramatic, but I will tell myself to follow the light (haha) when im surrounded by darkness. I have most of the same thought as what was said in the game, and it told me that even though I may feel like nobdy cares and theres no meaning, I should still follow the light because out of the 7 billion people in the world, there must be at least one person who cares.

Really glad you enjoyed WTDC and that it helped you out. Thank you for sharing your experience! May you always follow your light. :)

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I cannot even put how I feel into words...this game...I truly feel connected to it.  I played it all three times and chose light, despite telling myself I would choose darkness the second time. After finishing the game completely I cried, which is saying something since I rarely cry. I have not felt such an emotion so strongly about a game, movie, or show. Amazing work, I really enjoyed playing this game very much. I learned a little bit from it and overall the game is just an extraordinary experience. I wish I had recorded the whole thing. I'm still curious as to what happens when you choose darkness every time, but I'm quite satisfied with light for now. Perhaps someday in the future, whether it be in a couple days or even a couple months from now, I will play the game again to see the other side of things. Anyway, I truly appreciate the work you put into this game and the way you displayed certain things was tremendous.  Thank you so much, really.  <3

Edit: I finished the game not too long and immediately felt the need to contact you in some way to show my gratitude and support for your game. Thanks again!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the experience that much! ^_^
I hope you keep choosing the Light! :)

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Of course, it's an outstanding piece of work! ^v^


This game is phenomenal, the time and effort put into this is truly inspiring every minute I played I would notice a cool little detail that added to the experience. Honestly the way you chose to recreate some feelings such as anxiety and depression were very well made. Honestly keep up the great work, this game was an amazing experience. 10/10 would recommend to anyone that needs it.

Choose Darkness
Follow The Light

Thank you so much! Really glad you enjoyed it! :D

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So, I played untile the final End and now if I restart the game, I can't replay it, but i would really like to play it once more. Is there a way to play it again? If possible I would like to not have to reinstall it again.

Also, really nice work, that's one of the best Games I played so far.

You can delete the files that are in My Documents/Darkness. :)


Hi! So I have commented before, but I have another question. What were you intending to show the girl to be? What does she actually represent? Me and my friends think it could be like, hope or something. But coming from you, what were you intending?


For me, she was your support system, like your closest friend or your family. People trying to help or understand you. I really like the idea that she would symbolize "Hope" too. :)

this 'experience' is honestly incredibly well made, on act 1 i had got the good ending because it seemed like the right thing to do, on act 2 i told myself i would get the bad ending to see what happens, but i couldn't bring myself to do it, it was too difficult to walk forward and click a button.  I think this is the only 'experience' ive ever played that has stopped me from getting an ending because it was too hard.
10/10 really deep and made me think about every piece of text i saw
please keep up the good work

Thank you so much! Have you tried the third ending, though? :)

how do i replay the game after  i already played it once?

Just click play again! and then again! and then again!



Awestruck. Going through this experience multiple times made me feel understood (or at least not alone with my perceptions and feelings) for the first time. Beautiful depiction of anxiety and the isolation that comes with it. The struggle feels so very authentic. This experience gave me a lot of hope and the profound wish to reach that elusive and pesky light. Thank you for creating this.

And thank you for playing it!


oh. my. god. this was beautiful. I was always being thrown for a loop, never a dull moment. I might end up playing it on stream at some point. Big props to you man, this is a work of art.

Thank you so much!! Really appreciate the kind words. If you do stream it, hmu so I can watch it!


Check out our walkthrough of it!

Thank you! :)

Once you arrive at the "end"... I wonder what happens next...?


it wont download


Hiya! Absolutely loved this game, it means soo much to me. I have been wondering for so long, what is the music at the end of the game, in the final arc? It's so pretty but I can't seem to find it anywhere!


All the resources used in the game can be found here:
The music in question is this one: :)


so is there multiple endings or was i supposed to hang myself with the noose? cuz the game ended when i did that lol

There are more endings. :)


Ur game has given my laptop serious issues. All I tried to do is leave the game half way through cause I didn't have time to finish it. I tried to uninstall the game because I had to give a presentation and the music wasn't helpful. I couldn't uninstall when it was open and no matter what I did it wouldn't close. Now my laptop won't turn on and I'm blaming ur game I downloaded from steam.


Also I have played the game and it's really good just why do u have to ruin it by wrecking my computer

This game is not able to "wreck your laptop", I am so terribly sorry. :)


And if you had read the instructions, you would know how to close it.


I made an account just to leave a comment about this amazing game. I've played many free games on this site and this is definitely in my top 3. It kind of reminded me of Portal, but without the puzzles. It's more of a mind twist. Great work!!


Thank you so much! <3


I made an account for the same reason XD
This game is one of the best games I've ever played, if not the best.
I feel so strongly about this game lmao

Thank you so much! Really glad you liked it that much. :D

Objectively speaking, this is a good game. Much better than most horror games that I have played.

However, the game does not play very well. It is one of the worst experiences I have ever had, but that is just me. I know many people might love this game!

Hey dude! Amazing game you made! It gave me so many chills and so many feels (and soooo many spooks!) This game is, truly, amazing though!

I love this game so much!! I've played through it twice and was wondering if there is anything after that. I would love to keep playing through or even resetting and restarting the game. Any ideas on how to do that?

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Made an account just to comment, you are a genius content creator. a true artist. you deserve proper recognition for such a masterpiece and i am certain it will come your way with such a creative and expressive mind. it absolutely captures the human mentality at its lowest emotional points. For all the darkness, this game inspires light. I genuinely thank you Sir. 

pulvis et umbra sumus


so I played the game 2 times it was amazing I feel this game is really accurate because I suffer form depression and anxiety. The first time I played it it was scary but the second time was beautiful. I chose the good ending the 1st time and the bad ending the second time I really like what u did with the game I just love it thank you Sooo much for making this and hope to see more games like this in the future.... And your voice is amazing like I said before really good game

Thank you so much! ^_^

Hello, firstly this game is absolutely incredible and I was definitely not ready for the jump scares I’ve gotten so far. Secondly, I’m on the Black Hole part and I’m struggling to get away in time. For some reason I can’t use Shift to sprint away. I’m using my laptop and it is a little laggy but every other control works fine. I would really like to finish the game but am unable to because of this point. Can someone help me find a better idea? I’ve tried changing the keyboard layout and I’ve tried pressing every other key on my keyboard but nothing seems to sprint. Please help! 

At the point where the door is in the corridor, right at the beginning of the game, it's possible to clip through the red mesh somehow, and end up falling forever

So, I played this game for the past hour... Awesome 'game'(/experience) by the way.

After I finished there was a picture (..lookfurther.jpg) on my desktop + a .txt with a quote from the game.

What should I do with these?

So I had nothing to do and decided to finally play it and... just oof

it immediately started with a sort of stanley parable narrative but when the disturbing things with the opinions about the maps came it was getting harder and at the part with walking past people for the market it got way too relatable, this is the game that could really let someone feel those same emotions so a real good job

would think that this needs more attention man because it is amazing

I often had to cry because I know what is like to have depression and feeling lonely all the time. 

Anyway, I had the bad ending but after playing this game I think different in so many ways :)

Thanks a lot for this brilliant game!! 

Thanks for making this game. 

I am a Chinese gamer and a content creator. Here's the link to my  Video . (YouTube is banned in China, but we have our own platforms)

I posted this video yesterday and it has already got 540k views. I'm surprising to see that over 10k viewers left their comments about their feelings. 

I'm a happy person and was not triggered by this game ... but a lot of people got triggered. They all reported that the "experience" accurately demonstrated the mind of a depressed person. 

I would say thank you for creating a great game like this. I hope those people who suffer from depression find their answers in this game and recover. 


Thank you so much for spreading the word for it. I'm truly grateful. :)

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