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What a unique little game!

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Ty for the gameplay video! <3

A bit laggy but definitely the most unique game I've played in a loooong time!

Interesting. I've solved most of the known lag issues. May I know what is your config? :)


This game was amazing, I played right through. Recommending to all my discord friends.

Thank you so much! <3

I wonder if you tried relaunching it. :)


It was very impressive.

Is the whole experience related to suicide?

[And I prepared a full-game  video of Korean subtitles for Korean players.]
[한국분들을 위해 한글 자막의 게임 플레이영상을 준비했습니다.]

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Thank you so much, hwantasy!! Love the subtitles! :D

The experience is related to a lot of things, but mostly depression. :)





Some of the spooks in this really got me because I wasnt expecting the game to act like that 😂 It slightly reminds me of the Stanley Parable! Really good game


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You're the first one I see that does not dare go through the mannequin in the computer room. Interesting. :D
You're only half-way into the game. :p
Thanks for the gameplay, though!


i have to say, you have put an amazing amount of work into this with amazing narration! XD really great job on making this game :D 

Thank you for the gameplay! :)

Will you make a second part? I'd love to see your reaction about the post-game. ;)


No problem! :D and sure! i will play the rest dude :D 


Amazing, thanks! \o/

ok , you conviced me , i quitted the game bye



Wow. This was an experience everyone should play. One of the better "walking simulators" i have played in a long time. My only complaint is the light walkway, I really struggled. Like 15-20 minutes I edited out struggled. I think the pathway is a little small and easy to fall off of.

Thank you so much! :)

Really enjoyed your gameplay. Just out of curiosity, when did you get the latest build? 1.03 is a bit old, now. :p
Also, about the light bridge, I always find it interesting how differently people attempt it. So get it immediately and complete it after two or three attempts. Others get lost in the dark. And others spend much more time than I anticipated. I won't lie, I'm a bit unsure how to balance that. :/

Thanks again~! <3


Very stunning and emotional experience. If u add a subtitles, i can help with translate to Czech language.

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Thank you so much! :)

I'm currently adding subtitles. Might take some time, though.


I love this game so much because I can totaly relate to this!

Thanks! I hope it didn't get you down too much. :)

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Just thought I'd add this amazing gameplay and commentary in here, too. My favorite so far. :)

From SkySail Games:


SKIP TO 14:31!!!


Thank you for the video! Loved your reactions. :p


This is a really good game, thanks for making it. I relate to most of the things as well and you portrayed all the emotions and feelings really well. I hope you are ok now :)


Thank you! :)

Making this game actually helped me a bit. And a lot of friends proposed their help. So yes, I'm okay now. <3


Really well done! Mostly a fun horror game for me but I appreciate the undertones! Keep up the awesome work! What can we expect in the future? 

Thank you for the playthrough! Very enjoyable to watch! ^_^


You have a real talent for what I would call interpretative story telling. Keep up the awesome work! Hope to see more from you in the future!! 

Tasteful mental health horror game done well but also very fun comical and a lovely art style with good voice acting and the horror elements were good

Thank you!!


Hi Sirhaian WOW you really made a powerful statement with that game, you are a genuis! I finally got part 2 finished and published, I encountered many challenging areas throughout the game and hope my many cuts don't affect the video too much.

Unfortunately my game didn't have the ending I should have had and I was really quite upset I was unable to get back into the game to redo that scene, it was a clever move on your end there :) I was so eager to reach the end I ignored some very obvious warnings and I won't say anymore as I don't want to create any spoilers....

Thank you so much! ^_^

Really glad you enjoyed the experience. :)


Let's Continue Part 2 of the Gameplay hahahhaha

Thank you! ^_^ 
Loved your gameplay. :)


VERY UNEXPECTED JUMPSCARES! YOU ALMOST MADE ME BREAK MY HEADPHONES!! I loved it! Its been a while since I played a decent horror game. I love that you combined (Jumpscares, Psychological Horror and Real life horror into it. For example the real life horror part to me was when the nuclear siren was going off and to me that frightens me in real life.  Keep doing what you're doing cause I loved and im sure other people will too. My only thing is that you should've put this on steam for sale cause I think it would be worth $0.99-4.99 to play. I didn't encounter any bugs so I think you would be all set! Great job man! :)

Also put this game on gamejolt for more exposure


I'd say 2.99 tops


I'm thinking about putting it on Steam. But I need to find out how to integrate Steam to Unity, which isn't the simplest thing ever. :p
And I'd like it to remain a free experience. :)


Awesome man, Its a great game. I feel like a proud dad haha :p


Hope no one experience depression

Thank you so much for the playthrough! ^_^


Played this as part of a random indie horror and i gotta say, was pretty blown away with how good it was, there were some rough optimizations here and there but above all, this game set out with a message and it passed it on pretty effectively. Confusion set it for a little while, but was immediately cleared up at the end. Data mining my PC caught me off guard when i saw the first half of one of my emails pop up in the game, but was a pretty cool touch. If i had to give an criticism, i'd say the few optimization issues, (while tiny) were very present and some locations being a bit too dark at time. The gameplay was pretty fluent and fun, the mouse turning was a little draggy and i wasn't a huge fan of it, but can let it slide as it didn't hinder gameplay. This game packs a pretty powerful message of purpose and fulfillment and i can appreciate that. I give it a 9/10. You can get a much more in depth review in my let's play below! 

Thank you so much for this walkthrough and review. Very fair, and I loved your call to let people talk to you if needed. Amazing, imo! Subscribed. :)


Yeah man, always welcome people in need. Games like this really inspire people, and you did a great job on it! Thanks so much for the sub, i really appreciate it! Looking forward to your next project!


This is a game you need to play. Not watch or even read. It's that good. Great job Dev.

Here's my channel if you want to see other games I played.


Amazing playthrough and reactions! Thank you so much! :D
Instant subscribe, too!

(I also fixed a couple of issues and improved FPS performances since the 1.01 version. ^_^)

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