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this game was very inspiring and taught me about how there is more than there meets the eye and allowed me to have a different look in life. I have 2 questions, I got a picture in my desktop which just says Look Further 2 times one in white and the bottom of my screen while another one red upside down on the top of my screen and the font is the same as the one in the game (not the girls voice), is it supposed to be there? Second question, is there a second game... hehe this game was really fun and I want to go through it again but I can't unless I delete my files or something which I don't know how to do and a different experience would be fun and can impact me and possibly others harder that this could. Great game I loved it very much :D 

edit: I play on Steam so if there is a way to restart I would gladly take the advice :)

edit 2: disregard that i know now ^^. I will listen to her, Help is always ringing.

according to what i have read i get a background picture when i choose the bad ending but i never chose the bad ending once and i have a look further picture


A creepy bend on reality, depression and anxiety... I really enjoyed it. It was definitely nerve wracking at certain points, but it was relatively straight forward, and quite entertaining! A really fun experience and I'll definitely be playing through at least once more!

Check out my full playthrough if you're interested:


Thank you for the gameplay!! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

you can only play it once :(

Not if you follow the light. :)

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Oh my goodness, you have a very beautiful voice, it's like a balm enveloping my mind. The game is awesome. It was as if I found myself in the looking glass of the deepest human emotions and experiences. Many thanks to you, dear owner of that pleasant voice... and good luck! ^^

Oh my, thank you! πŸ˜…
Glad you enjoyed the experience!

i just played the game today and i really congladulate all the ppl that came together to create this inspiring and life-changing game. This game personally changed the way i see life with an unusual and creative way and really thank you for making this and sharing it with everyone. 


Thank you! ^_^

Hello, I played and loved this game. I wanted to know how to get or unlock the second playthrough. When I launch it I just get, "Bye, Matt" and "you are not a part of this world anymore" Thanks, 



You probably chose do kill yourself, didn't you? If you do, that's it. You can't play anymore. Pretty sad though because the second playthrough is really where stuff gets interesting.

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Playing through this game brought back memories of how I was when I had my was tough, but I ended up fighting through it

So I guess picking up the phone and having faith in the light was my way of reminding myself there's always a better choice ahead

Thanks for making this game Sirhaian

And thank you for playing! ^_^

The first time i played this game i answered the phone

The second time i chose to die and when i went back in the game it wouldn't let me in

 idk what i pressed but then the game let me play so played for the third time

and finishing the third time playing ,i want to play again but it wont let me


This was a great game. I am glad you were able to show so much of the mind. I was wondering... Did you put an easter egg for if we go into the files and somehow enable the player movement when it is disabled and we press the button?

Thanks! But no, there's no way to enable player movement in that scene. :)

my computer is too slow for this game but I can't get rid of it. Is there anyway i can get rid of it without playing it? 

Dude coming from a lad who's went through depression and luckily came out on the other side your game is beautiful I'm in tears of joy after it can't wait to experience the other paths in the game but made an account to tell you what a good job you did thank you for sharing this with us

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it! ^_^

For a game about nothing, it sure makes you feel a lot of things.

Hello, how do you start again. I got the "True ending" and I wish to play again. How do you do so?

There's a topic on the subject in the Steam forums.


Awesome game!


Thank you! ^_^

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prepare yourself for fame.

Don't worry, I knew about it within the hour of publication. :D


 I do struggle with depression and anxiety on the highest level and I can say so myself that this game is dead-on with explaining it.  The messages and the lesson that this game teaches is breathtakingly beautiful, but sincerely real. Honestly, this is true poetry in the form of a game. 

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am really glad it resonated with you. :)

I played through the game yesterday and really want to do it again but I can't, is there a way I can run through it again?

(I'm using steam)

Yes! You can delete the folder in My Documents/Darkness. :)

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thank you!


A really lovely game that took you for a spiritual ride. Thank you for creating this... the piano was also very heartwarming, can I ask where the piece is from ?

Thank you! :)
The piano piece was composed and licensed by Julie Maxwell, and is available for purchase on her website:
(It is the track named "Mars Landscape: Moon Set")

Hey uh... Me again very sorry. But I have finished the game with the good ending and I'm now trying to get the 2nd Run started, though it isnt..... I delete the Darkness file and ive done this possibly hundreds of times. I dont understand what else I need to do to start the 2nd Run, could you help me? Again im sorry gotta bug you about playing your game, but it's just so nice I wanted to keep going!!


Are you using the Steam or version?

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I am using the Steam version. Thing is, I already played my first run before, but I deleted my file and went onto my second run, but I got off and it didn't save so I had to redo my 1st run. But now its not letting me do my 2nd run

after you make the bad choice can you ever replay the game and if you can how ? 


I didn't originally want people to play again, but since there are achievements to unlock, I felt bad for collectors/achievers. So, you can reset your progress by deleting the folder located in My Documents/Darkness. :)

I was going through those files and  i love the quotes especially for the money choice! but what does the gibberish ones mean? is there a way to translate it or is it just gibberish lol (in the hope, fear, and despair and none folder?)

Im already on my 2nd run, and I wanna know what did you use to make your game? I do wanna do computer science and computer programming and this is the type of game I wanna do. Thank you for the beautiful game!!!

I mainly used Unity, Visual Studio Photoshop and Maya. :)

Hello, I am reviewing your game and I made a (short) first impressions video of it. I've enjoyed it so far, if you'd like more info on the review or the video, links to both sites can be found in my profile. Feel free to post as you wish! I am curious though, was it you who narrated the game?


Thank you very much for trying out and reviewing WTDC!
And yes, the in-game voice is my voice. :)


I've tried to play this game a few days ago. It kind of hit close to home when I was near the end... So I wasn't able to finish it myself. I've watched a video of this game on YouTube, so I know how it ends.  It's amazing! I really like how this was made. 
I just couldn't finish it myself, since it really hit home...

Thank you! And it's alright. :)
I'm glad you got to see the end, though!

Hello Sirhaian. I played your game and found it particullary great. But I have a problem. I' m stuck in your game. Apparently I died (or scuicide ) and I now can't play the game again. Do you have a solution ?

Also, you really did a good job; this is one of the best game I've ever played if not THE best.

You have to go in your 'My Documents' folder and look for the folder called 'Darkness'. You'll have to delete it and start all over sadly enough.

Thank you !


I just wanted to say,thanks for making this,i dont know what your plans for the future are in terms of games,or even well if you will develop anymore games,but this has been a special expirience for me i need time to process it but i needed this right before these stressfull and very important exams,those things are not going to break or make my life,from the bottom of my now confused heart i want to thank you.

Thank you for your kind words! I'm really glad you enjoyed this experience. :)


This is Beautiful. Wow. I've been in a dark place recently, and I'm glad I stuck it through to the end. This broke me, but in a good way. I came away from this feeling better than going in, and I thank you for it.

Not sure if this part was intentional, but on my second time through I ended it. I went into the files and figured out how to start back on the second arc. The controller in the house was back in the kitchen again, and the writing on the walls originally present in the second run through was gone. 

This was amazing, and has opened my eyes to more than I thought a game could. Thank you for making this. 

Thank you for your kind words! I am really glad it resonated well with you. :) 

Some of the files are needed to trigger some of the texts. For example, in the Dream level, with the house, the nuclear file has to be present for it to be different. :) 

Sir please tell me what will happen to my computer if I get the bad ending????

I need to know..

The only thing that happens if you take the bad ending is that your desktop background will change, and you will not be able to play the game again (unless you reset it).


Do I just Restart my computer and my background will be normal?? Also again I thank you for this game... its opened me a area of games I never knew about. I love the game so far, though I'm having trouble on chapter 9.

I found the game on steam and decided to play. I don't regret, this game is so awesome that i decide to an account in here just to congratulate you and to thanks for the experience :)

I loved the game and just have one question, is there anyway to bump myself self to A2? I did the bad ending to test forgetting there was a 3rd

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To A2? I'm not sure to get what you mean. :O
Oh, Arc2! Well, there's one file you can delete for that. I'm sure guides on Steam and some experimentation should do the trick. :)
If you want to entirely reset the game however, you can delete the folder located in My Documents/Darkness.


ok, thanks. Love the game! 

Deleted 1 year ago

I created an account on here just to comment on this game. I played the steam release and I felt like I had learned more about myself through the experience. There was something telling me to play it again, so a few days later, I did. I was surprised to see the changes that were made in the replay. I made the mistake of choosing the bad ending just to see what would happen (I am no able to change my wallpaper back, but I'm not too worried about that.) I deleted the files and replayed it twice more (choosing the good endings this time) and got to the final play through and fell in love with the art and the message. 10/10 I was nothing but pleased by this experience.

Thank you so much for your kind words! It's really appreciated. :)
Glad you enjoyed the Experience!

can I just ask if your speed ninja achievement is something that can be achieved through simple exploration x or do I have to speed run through all the acts ?? I really want to showcase this game as 100% completion but I'm so confused with this achievement 

This guide should explain you exactly how to get it. :)


thank you so much you're amazing keep making such great games <3 and for what ever you do at riot =D i hope its as entertaining as your game x


Very unique experience, I will say I was completely caught off guard with two of those meta moments.

Let's just say that the most startling part was when I closed the game window itself *wink*

(If you're allowed to post spoilers here, how exactly did you accomplish doing that with the background? I've never ever seen that before!)

Thanks! :)

Through a lot of googling and experimenting, hahaha! Basically, it's a screenshot of the "desktop" application. I save the screenshot in a texture, and I re-use it on an object.

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That's really, really innovative, awesome! I  was actually wondering the most about the thing that happens with the player's real desktop background (how it changes to "you were warned") after you do the "death" ending, and try to re-enter the game. That was one of the best scares I have ever had from a horror game! 

Oh that! Well that also required a lot of Googling and experimentation, haha. I just force save one of my textures into a file, and I force that file to render as the background. :)

Windows strangely allows a lot of stuff to be done! I could have done much more, but thought that was more than enough invasion of privacy already. :') 

How do you return to your old background????

I really enjoyed the game!! Honestly an amazing experience! I just really wish I could play more :/ 

Is there anyway to play again after you choose death?? I really want to play thanks!

If you got it from, you can reinstall the game. :D

Just make sure you delete the "_meaning" folder that was added in the installation folder. This will reset it. :) 

can if you have it on steam the _meaning is in a folder called darkness in your documents 

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I really loved and enjoyed the game! It was a amazing experience and i really like was scared and i felt like i was in the game somehow lol (literally, my name was in the game.).

But you did a really great job with the game keep doing the stuff you do, i'd love to see more games from you! Thanks for a great experience!

Thanks a lot for playing! ^_^
(I am currently exploring possibilities for a potential future experience, but shhhhh.)


Don't worry... I'll keep quiet ;D Good luck!


Had a amazing time with the game, love every part of it here is the first part of the game we played. Amazing job on this game, I personally loved that piano piece.


Thanks for the gameplay video! :)
Hope you'll continue the Experience! ^_^


Five starts.

My review: 

Thank you!

(says it all I wanted to tell)

Thank you so much! <3


Really enjoyed the deep connection between the narrative and the mechanics, and the amount of 4th wall breaking amongst many other things. Great job :)

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed the Experience! :)


Damn, that was amazing. How come this game doesn't get as much attention as it should get? 


And I suck at advertising. (:


Are your restrained by your job at Riot when it comes to advertising your own projects ? I'm curious.

(1 edit) (-1)

Not really, no. As long as it's made clear this has nothing to do with my job, and that it's just a personal project, it's okay. :)

LOL if you work at Riot just.... riot (pun intended) and get a proper job where you can make games like this!

I wouldn't leave my current job for anything in the world. :)

But super happy you enjoyed this experience! ^_^

green pewdiepie (jacksepticeye) played your game

just know that this comment was made before that if any 12 year olds get on me

you need to somehow get etika to play this.


Couldn't put the game down once I started. I typically dont do videos longer than 10-15 min but I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing more form you! 

Thanks for the gameplay video! Really appreciate it! :)
Glad you enjoyed the experience~!


πŸ††πŸ…·πŸ…΄πŸ…½ πŸ†ƒπŸ…·πŸ…΄ πŸ…³πŸ…°πŸ†πŸ…ΊπŸ…½πŸ…΄πŸ†‚πŸ†‚ πŸ…²πŸ…ΎπŸ…ΌπŸ…΄πŸ†‚

Ey, thanks for the gameplay video! Really appreciate it! ^_^

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