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I found the game on steam and decided to play. I don't regret, this game is so awesome that i decide to an account in here just to congratulate you and to thanks for the experience :)

I loved the game and just have one question, is there anyway to bump myself self to A2? I did the bad ending to test forgetting there was a 3rd

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To A2? I'm not sure to get what you mean. :O
Oh, Arc2! Well, there's one file you can delete for that. I'm sure guides on Steam and some experimentation should do the trick. :)
If you want to entirely reset the game however, you can delete the folder located in My Documents/Darkness.


ok, thanks. Love the game! 

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I created an account on here just to comment on this game. I played the steam release and I felt like I had learned more about myself through the experience. There was something telling me to play it again, so a few days later, I did. I was surprised to see the changes that were made in the replay. I made the mistake of choosing the bad ending just to see what would happen (I am no able to change my wallpaper back, but I'm not too worried about that.) I deleted the files and replayed it twice more (choosing the good endings this time) and got to the final play through and fell in love with the art and the message. 10/10 I was nothing but pleased by this experience.

Thank you so much for your kind words! It's really appreciated. :)
Glad you enjoyed the Experience!

can I just ask if your speed ninja achievement is something that can be achieved through simple exploration x or do I have to speed run through all the acts ?? I really want to showcase this game as 100% completion but I'm so confused with this achievement 

This guide should explain you exactly how to get it. :)


thank you so much you're amazing keep making such great games <3 and for what ever you do at riot =D i hope its as entertaining as your game x


Very unique experience, I will say I was completely caught off guard with two of those meta moments.

Let's just say that the most startling part was when I closed the game window itself *wink*

(If you're allowed to post spoilers here, how exactly did you accomplish doing that with the background? I've never ever seen that before!)

Thanks! :)

Through a lot of googling and experimenting, hahaha! Basically, it's a screenshot of the "desktop" application. I save the screenshot in a texture, and I re-use it on an object.

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That's really, really innovative, awesome! I  was actually wondering the most about the thing that happens with the player's real desktop background (how it changes to "you were warned") after you do the "death" ending, and try to re-enter the game. That was one of the best scares I have ever had from a horror game! 

Oh that! Well that also required a lot of Googling and experimentation, haha. I just force save one of my textures into a file, and I force that file to render as the background. :)

Windows strangely allows a lot of stuff to be done! I could have done much more, but thought that was more than enough invasion of privacy already. :') 

How do you return to your old background????

I really enjoyed the game!! Honestly an amazing experience! I just really wish I could play more :/ 

Is there anyway to play again after you choose death?? I really want to play thanks!

If you got it from, you can reinstall the game. :D

Just make sure you delete the "_meaning" folder that was added in the installation folder. This will reset it. :) 

can if you have it on steam the _meaning is in a folder called darkness in your documents 

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I really loved and enjoyed the game! It was a amazing experience and i really like was scared and i felt like i was in the game somehow lol (literally, my name was in the game.).

But you did a really great job with the game keep doing the stuff you do, i'd love to see more games from you! Thanks for a great experience!

Thanks a lot for playing! ^_^
(I am currently exploring possibilities for a potential future experience, but shhhhh.)


Don't worry... I'll keep quiet ;D Good luck!


Had a amazing time with the game, love every part of it here is the first part of the game we played. Amazing job on this game, I personally loved that piano piece.


Thanks for the gameplay video! :)
Hope you'll continue the Experience! ^_^


Five starts.

My review: 

Thank you!

(says it all I wanted to tell)

Thank you so much! <3


Really enjoyed the deep connection between the narrative and the mechanics, and the amount of 4th wall breaking amongst many other things. Great job :)

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed the Experience! :)


Damn, that was amazing. How come this game doesn't get as much attention as it should get? 


And I suck at advertising. (:


Are your restrained by your job at Riot when it comes to advertising your own projects ? I'm curious.

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Not really, no. As long as it's made clear this has nothing to do with my job, and that it's just a personal project, it's okay. :)

LOL if you work at Riot just.... riot (pun intended) and get a proper job where you can make games like this!

I wouldn't leave my current job for anything in the world. :)

But super happy you enjoyed this experience! ^_^

green pewdiepie (jacksepticeye) played your game

just know that this comment was made before that if any 12 year olds get on me

you need to somehow get etika to play this.


Couldn't put the game down once I started. I typically dont do videos longer than 10-15 min but I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to seeing more form you! 

Thanks for the gameplay video! Really appreciate it! :)
Glad you enjoyed the experience~!


πŸ††πŸ…·πŸ…΄πŸ…½ πŸ†ƒπŸ…·πŸ…΄ πŸ…³πŸ…°πŸ†πŸ…ΊπŸ…½πŸ…΄πŸ†‚πŸ†‚ πŸ…²πŸ…ΎπŸ…ΌπŸ…΄πŸ†‚

Ey, thanks for the gameplay video! Really appreciate it! ^_^


Here's Part 1 of my playthrough of the game. Part 2 coming soon!
I really love this game so far, and I cant wait to see how it ends!!

Thanks for the gameplay! Super happy you're enjoying this first part of the Experience! ^_^
Little hint: the end may not be the end. (:


I noticed! I think I got the "Good" ending, but I didnt record the other endings (tbh I havent played them yet)
The second part comes out tomorrow because I love how Meta it is


Here is the end of the game. Hope you all enjoy it ^_^
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Super happy you enjoyed the first Arc! :p

I love this game so much!!


Finally got around to playing this game. Really spoke to me, considering my fear of the future. Can't wait to see what else you make, if you plan on creating other games

Thank you! :)
I don't have any other plans right now. But I really enjoyed making this game, so I might make more in the future~


Muy buen juego.

le dedique un video en mi canal

Thanks for the video! ^_^


Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for dropping by Randall's stream :)

Glad you enjoyed it! And it was a lot of fun! ^_^


This game is super creative and impressive idea. if you are wondering how it will be so then check out this video 

When the darkness come Game play Walkthrough .
Click Here ->


Thanks for the gameplay! ^_^


You welcome Sirhaian i really enjoy the game best experience like it.


Great job! Felt a lot of different emotions in this. From confusion (lots of confusion), fear, hope and more. I can definitely see you put a lot of yourself into it and hope it was able to help you work through things. 

From a more technical perspective, there was also a lot of neat stuff here. You say in the description the graphics are little more than boxes and shadows but I thought you did an amazing job with the graphics. 


Thank you so much for playing the first part of the experience! ^_^

I wonder what would happen if you were to relaunch the game. (:


Amazing game. Emotional Experience .

This is my gameplay.

Thanks for playing! Loved your ending. :)
I'm glad you enjoyed the experience~!


Truly a nice game!

Actually this is the first horror game I've ever played... and I was really scared sometimes. But I could feel something different, unique. I can't describle that feeling, though quq

I'd like to translate it to Chinese as soon as you carry out the translation.


White light, dark and red light are the main colors of this game. White light helped me much, while dark and red light (and the people) were scaring me out of wits hhh

The jumping (10th) is really unfriendly to me o_o

And about the meaning of this game, it's like an encouragement to me. I'm easily getting depressed these days (but gladly still far away from depression, I think).

And, hope you're alright!

Thank you so much! ^_^

Really glad you liked the experience. :) 

I do not have any plans to translate the game currently, sorry! 


This was beautifully done, gameplay was smooth and graphics were nice.  Well done on a great game, and if this is based on personal experience, I hope you are doing good these days <3!

Thank you so much! <3
Most of it was, yes. Making this experience actually helped me get better. :)

The majority of the game is great! However, I found the clock hunt near the end to be very boring. It was scary at first, but it lost its intimidation quickly.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you still enjoyed it. :)


Yeah, absolutely, dude! (I tried recording a let's play of it, but the recording footage became corrupted, unfortunately.)


This game reminds me a lot of The Stanley Parable but with a darker twist. I was a little confused in some parts, but still really enjoyed the entire thing.

Great job!

Thanks for the video! Hope you'll play more of it! ^_^


This game is unique. You did manage to express the darkness that your mind can carry. I enjoyed it a lot and game made me think a lot about myself. Congrats, you did a great job!

Made a review, but is in spanish.

Thanks a lot! :)

Sadly I do not understand Spanish, but I really appreciate you taking the time to make the review! ^_^


Hey !

I love this experience so much ! That's so beautiful and so deep, it was the first time I felt something like that while "playing a game". In fact, I actually experienced something unique, and not just played a game. I can't say that it helped me directly, but I'm starting to think about some things differently now. I just love your work :3 Thank you very much for sharing something as deep as that !

PS : You are not a bad person.
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Thank you so much! ^_^
Super happy you enjoyed the experience. :)

I take it you played it more than once? :p


Certainly yes ! The way in which the story was made (as well as the way the game was suddenly closed at the end ^^) made me think that I should take a look at it again, and I did not regret, it was nice to do it again. With all the details related to the player, with his name and his choice of purpose especially.  In general, I think that creating something like this is a good way to explain how you feel, and that it can help a lot of peopleI really loved the whole experience in itself and I wanted to thank and congratulate you another time :D


An interesting experience. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Thanks for the playthrough! :)


This game is FUKN AWSOME, also weirdly releatable, loved it!!!!!!!!!!

one thing though is when i got close to a clock in the searching part, my FPS dropped to like 10, idk why

Thanks!! <3

Yeah I noticed that, I'm looking into it. Thanks for the report! ^_^

This game is so awesome!! but sadly i got the bad ending :( 

can you make the part 2? or make a game like this?


Thanks!! \o/
Haha well I'm planning to add a little more to this game, but not really a part 2 or another full game. At least not for now. :p


I played this entire game from start to finish and I have never experienced something so surreal yet terrifying yet beautiful at the same time, the story and meaning just pierces your soul to its core. I suffer from depression and anxiety myself, and I have never felt something so amazing. as a young teen this has left a huge impact on me, way more than I thought it would. you really shouldn't jusge a game by its advertisement XD!

I also loved the ah... fourth wall breaking elements (especially with the computer screen , it made this deeply personal and violating but it an astonishingly well done way. PLEASE make more games like this, I adore this SO MUCH. The only critcisms I have are probably the maze part where i had to search for one of the clocks (it made me more frustrated than anything XD) 

Thank you so much! Super happy the experience resonated that well with you. :)

Did you try restarting the game after finishing it? ^_^


This is one of the best gaming experiences I've had since I've started to do Let's Plays. Everything from the music to the themes presented in this game are great. It really gives me a Stanley Parable vibe mixed with a little bit of Doki Doki Literature Club. If you like either of those games you will love this. I had a little bit of trouble with a certain jumping section, but that did not take away from the overall experience which was amazing. If you want to see my experience first hand you can click the link below. I look forward to seeing more games from this developer, and wish you the best of luck on future projects!

Thank you so much! ^_^
Love your gameplay!

I wouldn't really call this a horror experience maybe some people would and, maybe i'm so messed up with depression and, anxiety now that i'm numb to the horrors of such things.  On to the expression side I think you did a good job winding a story (even though I didn't get through the whole things) all the while seemed to draw inspiration from games like the stanley parable and, some other titles i can't remember right now.

Aww, you stopped at the first third of the first run. :c
I've made the light bridge a bit easier in the latest version, if you're interested in a retry. :)



Hi! I was finishing the game and, when the last choose come (hang yourself or push the 'help me' button) I choose to hang myself. I don't know how to continue, there's a photo that say 'look further' but IDK. Please help me this game is soooo good and I wanna  continue it.

If you chose the bad ending, there is no "clean" way to restart the game, as some choices have consequences.

However, you can always reinstall the game from scratch to try again. :)

Ohw, so sad. Okay, I'm reinstalling the game. Thank you

ps. Your game is purrfect, I love it and in a strange way It helps me with depression, so thank you very much

Thank you, and glad it's able to help! ^_^


I've just finished playing for the first time, and this game has changed my perspective of life and how I look at things. Thank you so much on making this fantastic game and I am looking forward to any of your new projects.

Hey, thank you so much! Really appreciate it! ^_^
Thanks for playing! :)


That was a MASTERPIECE! I LOVE IT!  Everything in this game, style, how it creeps out the player, the easter eggs etc. was perfect. I like how the second play and ending turned out. Good job mate. I would love to see an another game from you, can I ask are you planning one or not?

Thank you so much!! Really appreciate it! ^_^

I wasn't expecting this game to get any attention at all, so I didn't initially plan to improve it. But since some people seem to like it, I've planned some updates for it. :)


the sneaky developer got to it first, but i'm gonna leave this here anyhow :D
this game was something different from what most games are, and in my opinion, done great :D just... imagine the stanley parable, but horror and depression was added heavily.

(p.s. if you'll need to translate it to russian, i'll be more than happy to help. Sirhaian)

Haha, I am the fast. :p
Really glad you liked it! :)
I might try to do translations later on, but that wouldn't be before some time. :)
Appreciate the offer, though! ^_^


That was a ride man definitely a good game i cant imagine what u must have been going through thanks for making this

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it! ^_^


Oooof!~ Definitely a long short game on a heavy subject that I didn't catch on with until later. I realize now you've since updated the game but I'm definitely playing on an older version since you updated very recently. Wish I'd had those subtitles you put in!

I talk about my thoughts about it all at the end. But overall, a very interesting game you've made here.


Excellent interpretation and message at the end. Thank you so much. :)


You made a game on a subject I can relate to, it just took awhile for me to realize it but thanks for listening to my rambles.
I'm glad your work seems to be doing quite well so far and I hope you continue creating with the same level of passion you had for this game. Creative and awesome work! ;D

Thanks! ^_^

Found a cool stream of the game. Check it out! :)

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