Update 1.11/1.12 - Subtitles, VO Updates, Post-Game, Bug Fixes and more!

Hi, everyone!

Update 1.11 is pretty significant. To make it easier, here's a list of all changes:

  • SUBTITLES! Yes, finally, subtitles have been added! You can activate/deactivate them from the main menu or from the pause menu. There's currently a minor bug if you use the pause menu option: the next couple subtitles will overlay. Besides that, everything should be working as intended!
  • More post-game content! I've added some more secrets depending on the choices you make. What will you find?
  • VO updates! I've changed and optimized a couple VO lines while making their subtitles. The story should be a tiny bit more interesting, now. A tiny bit.
  • Fixed some more trigger issues (notably the pool's).
  • Changed up and fixed some things in the School level.
  • Some lighting fixes and improvements. The School's flashlight shouldn't flicker as much as before (aside from the desired flicker effect, of course).
  • Removed the ability to jump in the last Conscience (or however you wanna call her) encounter.
  • Removed some more Z-fighting in some areas (mostly the Gymnasium and the Pool)
  • And some more minor bug fixes!

Update 1.12 is minor, but brings a couple more post-game elements and a few more bugfixes and optimization improvements.

Pfiu, that was more than I thought. Let me know if you encounter more bugs after this update, and I'll have a look asap.

Thanks everyone for your support!

And as always: follow your light!


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Jan 21, 2019
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Jan 21, 2019

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