"Program Files" Bug - Workaround


I have just gotten a report that it is impossible to go through the second run (and the next ones of course) if the game is installed in any protected folders, such as "Program Files". Indeed the game saves the runs progression by writing files in its own folder. Since Windows requires administrative privilege to write files in those folders, it won't let the game save its progression.

I have removed the manual installer (and updated the downloadable readme.txt file) to insure no one naturally installs the game in those folders. I am looking at a solution, but I don't frankly see any right now.

If you have installed the game in those folders, I would recommend doing a fresh install in another folder (like your downloads, or in D: drive or wherever you prefer), so that you can enjoy the full experience.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the late catch of this issue!

Thanks for all your support!

And always follow your light.


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Feb 03, 2019

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