Day 1 Bug Fixes and Optimization

Hello everyone!

I have just committed an update for WTDC, containing a few bug fixes and optimizations.

  • Deactivated motion blur as it was creating huge fps drops in some levels
  • Fixed the Gymnasium Labyrinth in the School level, so that you cannot skip it by jumping on the walls
  • Added some more colliders and moved around a few cameras to avoid being able to get out of the level
  • Fixed audio overlap in level 1 when entering the second door too early
  • A couple more optimization fixes (mostly a couple lights)

Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any feedback or if you find more bugs!

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Files 206 MB
Jan 13, 2019
WTDC_ManualSetup_Windows.exe 185 MB
Jan 13, 2019

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